Angry American

By | February 4, 2013

This is not an original poem, but I was given permission by the author to post it in its entirety. I believe she sums up the heart of many patriots today.

“Angry American”
By Bethany Kidd

I’m an angry American
My blood is running hot
When I see our babies being thrown away
And our military heroes shot

They say it’s just a bump in the road
What difference does it make?
Well this is one patriot
whose gun you will not take

I’m an angry American
My heart is getting cold
When our freedoms are being stolen
And our values being sold

I guess now we leave our soldiers behind
And everyone else is to blame
Congratulations people
You finally got your change

I’m an angry American
And to my last breath I’ll fight
Where are the people
Who will stand up for what’s right?

I pledge allegiance to the flag
And one nation under God
And if that bothers you
I suggest you learn what this nation was founded on

I’m an angry American
And my soul is getting hard
Because just for posting this
I probably could be charged

You can lock me up
You can beat me down
You can even take my life
That’s okay because I will die for what I know is right
Yes I know what I believe and I’ll believe it until I die

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