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  • This reminds me of the former Soviet Union where, time and time again, the party would roll out the same LOSERs of the past and try to force them down the people’s throat, in this case the GOP. I mean come on, the only two that can make a decent run for the white house is Chris “krispy kreme” Christie who loathes CPAC, and CPAC frontrunner “W” brother Jeb Bush.

    I like his name implies Chris “krispy kreme” Christie, until he get his weight down and stops going to the Hospital (like on July 28, 2011) he will be just a noise, he is the only one that can win, but CPAC apparently does want to win. Jeb Bush, of course just has the problem that he was in charge of the Florida when his brother “W” got in the first time (what a joke) and where he passed the crazy “stand your ground” law and the remaining GOP party tried to stop US Citizens from voting by giving them long lines this last Presidential election , but hey, its Florida, its like a third world country down there.

  • I love it that CPAC will be bring back the LOSERS of their past. God bless CPAC!

  • This speaker list reads like a presentation of 2016 potential ‘wanna B Prez’…CPAC is a strong organization & not to be underestimated on the ‘influnce’ aspect…It will have been just 5 months since this contest ended…I ask…”Is this putting the cart before the horse”? .. Does this deprive energy & emphasis from the 2014 Election?…There are approx 22 SENATE seats on the line & enough House seats open that could tilt the majority….Without a Congress of like mind, a President is neutered.

    I also ask “which” of these guest speakers worked to support the Country’s delclared ‘choice’ for President rather than remaining silent & within themselves? Was that acting ‘Country First?”.