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Media,Dem and Obama Scare Tactics

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One comment

  1. I too am ashamed of my country!

    This is the Fraudulent President! He was fraudulently elected.

    I am ashamed that we could let this happen and ashamed we are letting him get away with it.

    Obama is a traitor – even his buddies, the Chinese – call him a Traitor. They know our Constitution and THEY see him as a Traitor! And they are our enemies! On the Streets of Beijing they call him “Monkey Man”! Not my words! Their’s – the Chinese – our enemies – who want us disarmed so they can steal our recourses!

    I am ashamed of my country because we are throwing away our freedom and our legacy. But I am NOT ashamed of Patriotic Americans who are willing to think for themselves and who are willing to stand against this Traitor, this Anti-Constitutionalist, this Criminal.

    We need to stop pussyfooting around with this guy. He is preparing the Schutzstaffel to kill Patriotic WHITE Americans! It is as plain as the “Quick Response” poster of Granny in her bathrobe on your Target Practice Wall!! WAKE UP and Impeach Him!