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“What Difference Does it Make?”

What difference does it make demanded Hilly of Johnson

Uttering the tragic words that rang across the room into the hearts of all Americans


What difference does it make indeed

Four American heroes are dead and the hearts of their families still bleed


What difference does it make

Whether Americans vote or eat government cake


What difference does it make if people must use healthcare that kills

As long as the government can tell you how to pay the insurance bills


What difference does it make to crucify Christ again

There are plenty of trees to hug and earth to freeze all in vain


What difference does it make if innocent children are dead

A crisis must not be wasted but used to squash the rights of Americans under the guise of moving ahead


What difference does it make if they trample the Constitution all over

So long, as the liberals have hope to give it a new makeover


What difference does it make that women head to the front lines while men remain behind

As long as we go forward and change the course of humankind


What difference does it make that our children forget their history

Even as the politicians in Washington, remain obscure to our misery


What difference does it make that our enemies scoff and laugh at us

So long as we can help them and negotiate our future with the one who is most preposterous


What difference does it make when the economy collapses

Hope and change will still have moved the masses


What difference does it make you say?

It makes a big difference to me and to all those who still believe in the USA.



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