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VA Gov. McDonnell Suffering from Legacy Fever

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  1. Thanks Michael. I went back over the article & now see the difference. I’m half way across the Country & hadn’t given any due dilegence to what actions he was doing on a State level, I just saw that there seems to have been progress since he took office. I guess there has to be a degree of vanity in anyone that will tackle public office. I have been trying to evaluate him as a potential candidate in 2016. It will be interesting/informative to see this plays out. How he leads his State is a huge indicator of how he would lead our country. He ‘seems’ to be above most on integrity & sincerity. Wouldn’t it be a dream to have conservaties & moderate groups crack the door & breathe some ‘shared air’ & finally realize that compromise does not mean sacrifice principals. aha well,

    In the meantime, I also hope that voters will focus on Congressional seats that are up for grabs in 2014. If the same energy goes into vetting & electing candidates that went into the ‘birth certificate’ we should be able to turn some tables.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    “We cannot wait for the storm to pass, but learn to dance in the rain”

  2. Michael, I think you may be a tad harsh on McDonnell, but certainly right about the emphasis on ‘legacies’, seems it’s that or RE-elections with most politicians. Just this morning on ‘my rounds’ of Sunday talk shows, it seemed that whatever the subject was, rom Iran to guns, at least one panelist made a reference to the elections in future or past. I’m not sure there’s a cure or that these elected officials will ever realize that they are ‘just the VOICE” and WE ARE THE BRAIN & ‘le them hold office

    • Jan,
      I think McDonnell has good political instincts (otherwise he would not be governor) but his policy instincts are pathetic. His two signature initiatives — ABC and transportation — are going nowhere.

      His audit of VDOT was on target and did find some money. But that did not require legislation.