The Second War of Independence has been declared

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  • Correct me if I’m wrong…This site is NOT designed to deliver the news, but is to express opinions & discuss that which is news….a sharing of information/ knowledge. Should one ‘find’ themselves here, I believe a computer mouse can work much like the remote control on the TV to make adjustments…I also believe before one can ‘lead’ in government, one realy should learn the history prior to their birthdate….I just sayin’…

    Oh yes, I heard they ‘re making a GPS to plug your computer

  • You sound like a deranged lunatic with tin foil as a hat. Even if Obama banned guns, which he MOST likely won’t, what exactly will he do then? Order the military to kill us off? Seriously, if this man was so powerful why doesn’t he just take out the Republican leadership and call it a day? Ridiculousness like this is why I gag everytime I find nyself on these types of news websites, but if I am to become the leader I hope to be I must learn all I can about our country’s large, paranoid, and idiotic pockets of population.

  • WELL DONE, Kevin!! Just wish I could copy it & hand it to some I know. Excellent…

  • what will I do if Obama’s administration outlaws firearms?
    I will march. I have readied my kit, my arms are cleaned and servicable and I can still whip my weight in wolverines.
    Mr. Obama, Mrs. Feinstein, If you want my arms you may have them, business end first.
    When we’re done with that conversation, we’ll install a government that actually follows the constitution.