The Man Who Would Be King

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  • OK, Chris, you got me! I thought for sure you meant “you know who”. I’ve often refered to ‘that one’ as the little boy who would be king. I do agree that Bloomberg has cranked up his dosage of steroids but not sure “you know who” won’t cut off or limit his supply. After all, there can only be one ‘king’. Let’s put the gladiators in the arena & let them fight to the death (for entertainment purposes only) The one left standing will be rewarded with a padded cell (not a phone)..Texas looks better &

    • Hi Jan, You know who is neck and neck with Bloomberg in the race to be King. If you notice I added you know who at the end of the article.

      • Aw shucks, it’s great when two minds meet. Just imagine what would be if we lassoed all the talking heads, bobble heads, air heads, meatheads, dopeheads together & pulled the rope tight…ah forget it, ain’ no rope that long.