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The Left’s Greatest Mind-Trick: Politicizing Emotion

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  1. “..It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the danger of ‘good intentions’. There are men pf a;; ages that mean to govern well, but, ‘they mean to govrn’. They all promise to be good master, but they ‘mean to Master”..Daniel Webster.

    Funny, how the eyesight of men of old could have the vision to see today…We need to lace on boots with spikes so that we don’t fall & dragged into the cracks with those that ‘would be’ virtuous & wallow in their muck. I donot believe that moral standards can be legislated, but they can be taught (& learned). If we allow ourselves to be consumed by our rightouness we may well not see who’s yanking the rug out.

    Kyle, another gold star

  2. I love this article!!! Every time I read it I am highly encouraged. Indeed, we do need to change the way we approach our opposition to the EMO Lefties and their stupidity no matter how cunning their presentation. I believe that once Americans wake up to the great shell game that has been played on us over the last 100 years we will truly take back our Country.

    When you stop and think about it the Constitution is as perfect as possible an amalgamation of Natural Law (that; this Planet only offers One Universal “Right” to every living thing that dwells here – the Right to Attempt to Survive) and the Ideology of Individualism promoted by Christianity (and some other Religions). It is interesting to also note how Secular Conservatism also embraces these same self-evident principals (how obviously logical since human nature is, well, Human Nature). Take for instance the philosophy of Ayn Rand who promoted the idea that; “the best one can do for humanity is to do the best that one can do for himself”.

    I am SOOOoooo in love with that thought…. I almost feel, well, EMO!

    The Constitution certainly promotes this idea. It never provided that the Government was, in any way, responsible for individual welfare. Even the States were not charged in any way to do this. Charity was left to an individual choice. Christianity promotes Charity out of individual conviction and love for our neighbor. As a result this has been the most generous Nation the world has ever known. No it has not been perfect but perfection is, after all, unattainable where Natural Law still rules. Socialism robs the joy of giving from us!

    The EMO Leftie Progressives do indeed abandon rational thinking. They keep believing that they can make things better thru government rule – by force if necessary – and never mind that it has never worked. They blindly hope in the future and that somehow man has evolved into a naturally collective animal. (The only way for that to happen, dear EMO, is for us to become sheep with no real sense of self other than instinct! – Imagine that!) That hasn’t happened in the last 10,000 years so I doubt it will happen in the next 10,000 and it certainly isn’t the present case.

    Furthermore we can never escape the most fundamental principle of the Universe – the dichotomy of Order and Chaos. In other words dear EMO, bad things are always going to happen on this Planet no matter how careful and controlled we are. We all have emotions and feelings of compassion when people fall victim to events such as Sandy and Newtown. And we should all be moved to help our neighbors out of the compassionate commandment “love thy Neighbor as they self”. But no government is ever going to succeed in preventing this Planet from being this Planet and human nature from being Human Nature. All it will do is cause far more anguish than even these horrendous events. It is a dangerous world! Our best defense is the freedom to protect and better ourselves!

    Finally, Dear EMO, consider this; if and when you finally do attain your Utopia and you find (logically) that it isn’t all you cracked it up to be what are you going to do without the Constitution to change it? But I guess I’m just trying to be reasonable…. Silly me!