The Anti-Christian Swears His Progressivism on the Bible

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  • Its just a matter of time before he shows his true motives of socialism and completley kills our national sovereignty , his first 4 years was needed to set up this agenda and this new term 2013 , He will set into effect
    obama’s socialist states of amerika , God help this nation

  • Who do you think is robbing this train?

  • When you have someone so totally immersed in himself it is sheer folly to think he gives a tinker’s damn about how anyone else feels & when he opens his mouth it’s because he like to hear himself talk. I have been exposed to hostility & insults a number of times in my 3/4’s of a centuary, but never in my wildest could imagine a mockery of of nation that this individual could make of an entire Nation. When protests such as ours fall on deaf ears we must find a way to send this clown down the road ASAP, I hear him & don’t know whether to cry or throw things at him….let us pray..

  • An insult to the greatest office in the world.