Sen. Paul to Hillary: I’d Fire You

By | January 23, 2013

After numerous health delays Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finally appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Predictably Derand paulmocrats offered praise and sympathy to the Secretary. Republicans asked more pointed questions. Senators from both parties took the opportunity to share the concerns of their electorate.

Senator Rand Paul, reflecting the thoughts of many Americans, told Secretary Clinton that while he was glad to hear Clinton take responsibility, had he been president he would have fired her for failure of leadership.

In the clip below you can watch the exchange. Hillary Clinton tells Paul she was responsible but then states the responsibility for errors fell to her assistants.

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3 thoughts on “Sen. Paul to Hillary: I’d Fire You

  1. Jan Brown

    Refreshing as Rand Paul’s ‘tough’ approach was, I can’t ignore the fact ‘he’ is already in campaign mode for 2016. I admit I’d loved to’ve seen more with this straight forward, blunt approach, after all they weren’t there to praise ceasar & hard questions should’ve been at the top of priorities.
    I am also mindful that his bullet like questions didn’t evoke much in the way of answers, which he could’ve pressed for…It probably isn’t ‘too’ soon to think ahead to 2016. Yet, he was elected to put his job as Senator first. He is more moderate than his father..but how far from the tree should an appl fall?

    1. Teresa Wendt Post author

      Excellent points Jan. One has to wonder how closely aligned younger Paul will be with the Libertarian views of his father.

      I always was hugely disappointed in the grandstanding by all committee members. They wasted so much of their time making their statement that there was never time for a follow up question. Would have greatly preferred an opening statement by one member, followed by pointed questions that had been worked out between themselves to build a timeline, etc., and then a closing statement. But, instead we got politicians.

      1. Jan Brown

        Actually, Teresa, though a registared Republican, I had the opportunity to work on a Libertarian candidate’s campaign for Govenor & find that Ron Paul’s views are uber extreme compared to most of the party. Sure, it’s fine if he (Rand) want to think about dessert, but he needs to concentrate on the plate in front of him first. I share your let down with the way “our’ elected employees lacked in organization. Let’s hope they were ‘just saving it’ for the confirmation hearings.

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