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Self Defense: GA Woman Shoots Intruder

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  1. Just another example on how the jewish controlled national media is truly the #1 enemy of all normal Americans. They spend all their time demonizing gun owners and conducting mass shooting psy-ops with blatantly obvious fake witnesses and victims in the Aurora, Tuscon, and Sandy Hook shootings. People need to stop paying so much attention to the politicians and focus on the real traitors… the national news media.

  2. As soon as he opened that closet and saw witnesses, it would have turned far uglier if she did not have that gun. B and E of an occupied dwelling is a little more than petty crime. Thieves without weapons sneak into houses when they are empty, thieves with weapons knock on the door and ring the doorbell. She saved her and her childrens lives, no doubt!!!!!!!!

    • As a side observation one of my friends noted that he had not seen any news of this story on the MSM. I wonder if it would have been different had the mother and children been killed?

  3. I hope she is alright. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the woman that defended herself and her family.

    • I can’t imagine the trauma for the children as well as the woman. Such a frightening situation.