Reality TV: Life in the Gutter?

By | January 9, 2013

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3 thoughts on “Reality TV: Life in the Gutter?

  1. Jan Brown

    Looking around, I often feel we ARE a living in the guttr of reality TV…This type of show & Baby Booboo as well as the ‘Rednecks’ at the Country Club obviously draw viewers….What does that tell you about intellectual & moral decay to the rest of the world? Of course some from other countries come here & expect the Cowboys & Indians(which I’d take over this garbage)

    1. Teresa Wendt Post author

      Thanks for the reply Jan. After posting this I realized that there are many, many other reality shows that we haven’t seen. Most of the tv we watch is old reruns but admittedly autistic son has a say in it.

      1. Jan Brown

        Recently, a dear & respected friend of mind quite accurately expressed it this way. “Evil has been around since Cain & Abel & will continue to be. We must learn that ‘evil’ is not something that can be legislated by man… It can only be overcome by man’s knowledge of good….My reference to the ‘reality shows’ comes from reading TV Guides & magazines that dominate the doctors offices & treatment facilities at the side of my husband in his fight w/ cancer for over a year which ,Praise to God, is now in remission. I just see many paraells to the ‘stuff’ we’re exposed to from all sides. & question WHY we need reality TV when the daily ‘gutter’ drama that is in our face is now the ‘norm’??? I’m sure from your writings you’ll agree that it is now more imperative than ever that we all make sure we do our due deligence as parents & grandparents. I honestly find I look forward to your ‘grasp’ & interpertation on many subjects.

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