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Pro-abortion writer on death of children: “So what?”

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B. Christopher Agee is an award-winning journalist and conservative columnist. He established The Informed Conservative and late 2011 and currently reaches an audience of millions each month through publication on several major websites. He lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area with his wife.


  1. I see where, along with his ‘enhanced status’ Obama no longer refers to abortion as “pro choice’ It’s now “Reproductive FREEDOM” !!! I kid you not! Was on news last nite “in quotes”!!!

  2. Yup! Who among us have any doubts that our conditioning to the “worthlessness of life” for the last 40 years is responsible for the killings at Sandy Hook? Who among us does not see clearly where this is going? Ecologists claim that 2 billion people are the mean balance of the human species on this planet. They base this on the historical estimation that this was the approximate number of humans on the planet since before the Roman Empire until the industrial revolution.

    If and when the Emo Leftist Progressives succeed in enslaving all of us (the world) do any of you see even an illogical reason why they would not set about reducing the population? As a Conservative, or believer in Judao Christian values, or even a simple Constitutionalist like myself, do any of you doubt how useless your life will be? The Liberals have always talked of caring for the under privileged and have abhorred “Hatred”. But who is more hateful than the Progressives today? I freely admit that I hate them because they threaten my very life. I do not hate them with intent to kill them tho. I believe they are quickly coming to that point where they will feel justified in destroying all who do not agree with them. Please tell me I’m wrong.

    From the very instance of inceptionA child in a womb cannot be proven to be something other than human. Common sense would default to assuming it is human if for no other reason than it cannot be proven to be something else. Common sense would not even ask the QUESTION! Only the Emo Leftist would devise an argument to the contrary. Terminating an unborn child is MURDER!! even if it is the next morning. Women tend to be nurturers. Degrade that instinct and drive in both men and women and who is left to defend that helpless “slave” in the womb?

    But all of this is sensible talk and of no value because it opposes the Selfishness of the Emo Leftist!

    So let’s be Emo too;

    It is the Abortionists and “Pro Choice” (a title so aptly put because it utterly defies the baby’s choices) Emos are directly and criminally responsible for Sandy Hook! Furthermore it is inexplicably Hypocritical of any of them to even care about those 20 children!

    I do not believe in the wrath of any God. But I do believe that you cannot commit heinous crimes against society without bad things coming back in your face!