Optimize Your Dollar: Five Easy Ways to Save on Dinner

By | January 28, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Optimize Your Dollar: Five Easy Ways to Save on Dinner

  1. Jan Brown

    Teresa, you’re just so darn sensible….& informed!!This was a delightful reprive from my ‘obsession issues’…..Back in olden days when Phoenix & Tempe had open spaces between & before ‘ready made’ pizza crust was born, we had a build your own pizza nite & used the canned jumbo biscuits flattened. Discovered that mashed sweet potatoes make an excellent thickner for homemade chicken soup. This is a timely subject, but not sure how to contact you to learn & share.

    1. Teresa Wendt Post author

      Thanks Jan for your comments. I love the idea of the biscuits. Our family is gluten free so we haven’t had those in a very long time. But we do appreciate using leftover potatoes as thickener.

      I thought my brain would explode if I didn’t start thinking about things beyond politics so I asked if I could do this weekly stretching your dollar column. I am very interested in writing about other money saving tips. The economy might be improving but many families are still feeling the pinch.

      I have a public facebook page where it’s a little easier to interact if you are on FB. I can also send you my email address. After reading many of your posts and agreeing with you, I expect we’ll be a mutual fan club :)

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