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Obama Flagrantly Commits Treason

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  1. KGS NightWatch For the night of 15 January 2013: “Afghanistan: For the record. Over the weekend NightWatch learned that some analysts in Kabul judge that every Afghan administrative district handed over to Afghan control for the purposes of providing security has been, in fact, handed over to Taliban control.”

  2. Well aren’t we special to have a usurper for a prez serving while under an Act of War since Sept. 2001. Wow who would have thought that just 72 months approximately after 9/11/2001 we would have a POTUS that the general public has no clue what country he really is from and that has used and abused and destroyed our Bill of Rights, as well as our Constitution, and has committed so many act’s of treason supposedly that it is hard to even begin to imagine. Where we go from here? Well at this juncture only God knows. I pray every day for our country to turn away for progressivism/socialism, obamaism lots of ism’s huh? Now with him in a second term ugh and swearing in private over the Koran probably and not the Bible well the rest is history for sure. God help us all.

  3. You seem to have forgot about Obabas arming the Muslim Brotherhood, His GIVING Egypts President Morisi 20 fighter jets and who knows what else. If thats not providing aid and suport to our enemy nothing is.

    • Barry Soetoro Obama not only gave Egypt 20 brand new fighter jets, he also forgave a $20 Million debt that Egypt owes America and gave him $400 Billion in additional funds. I hope Hillary Clinton ‘outs’ Obama about Obama using Ambassador Chris Stephens to run guns into Syria and Libya covertly, when we were supposedly NOT in that conflict/war. Chris Stephens died because his Taliban contact decided to renige on paying for the illegal guns. If anyone has an email or address (other than Twitter) for Hillary Clinton, I would appreciate it before she testifies next week on Jan. 25th.