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Kabuki Theater: Is the GOP “Controlled Opposition”?

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  1. And this dance will continue as long as we pay for the music and allow those with worn out costumes on stage. This is not the drive thru at Burger King & you’re way is not always available. Your can keep the Buns & meat patty (your principals & morals), share the chice of condiments & still have a good nourshing burger that feeds you. If enough would share this burger, that ‘other’ side can’t shove tacos down your throat! Almost makes me cry when I see what “WE the pople” actually thought could do our business…But perhaps this “cloud of attitude” is a deliberte attempt to ‘appear’ different from the other party…. The Label of “Conservative” has developed such a broad definition it’s not quite clear “just what a Conservative” is. Now is the time we need to get SPECIFIC & DEFINE exactly what we are & want…leave he generals to the military. Give yourself definition, it gives you more importance.