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4 thoughts on “John Boehner: “I’ve Learned My Lesson”!! REALLY???

  1. Jan Brown

    I share the opinion most have of Boehner. was MY District Representative that helped him be the Speaker….I’ve turned on the burner under Mike Conway to correct ‘mistake’. I can’t unseat Boehner, but he can & has indicated he’d like to serve another term…so gave him my ‘terms’…Figure it’ll take more than one reminder….If Boehner can’t deliver leadership then we need someone that can. Republicans in general, need to take a page from the Democrats & find the microphones & cameras with what ‘they’ offer. People vote for what they think they know & hear And can’t know what what the choices are unless someone tell them. It’s the squeaky wheel that gets greased…Tell your reps to squeak louder!

  2. L.E. Liesner

    Boehner hasn’t learned that “We the People” do not trust him anymore. It doesn’t take guts or backbone to sell out the way he did. What really bothers me is that the fools in the House gave him the Speakers job again.

  3. tim

    I will save and print this article. It’s exactly right. John Baner is a trojen horse to american people, Obama’s right hand man, as i have always known. He will support gun control all the way, just wait and see.

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