Immigration Reform? Secure the Border First.

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  • While it’s true, a rag will slow the leak, but if you don’t bail continously, the boat will still fill to spill over and sink.

    I find it curious that currently HLS is using the figure of 11,000 est illegal (criminal) trespassers & up to 20,000 possible is almost the EXACT figures quoted in 2006-07 by Pew Hispanic, F.A.I.R & other like groups….So how is this ‘down’ or improved? It isn’t!…This is a demostration that is as solid as the suggestion that ‘scissors’ will defend against a gun aka “inmates in charge”

    Bush’s Administration alloted the monies to build a fence. Before even 50% complete, ‘someone’ decided that drones & air survellance would be better & even reduce the need for ‘boots on the ground’ despite the fact that ‘boots’ may well be a 100 miles away from the spotting of a crossing. Although only a slight better than ‘nada’, they (BamBam’s Admin) will be taking that away.

    Along with this ‘improved’ border security, the number of VIOLENT crimes against legal American Citizens & those holding VALID visas has gone from a mere DAILT dozen in 2007 to a conservative estimate of 60 victims a day!!!

    There is a rancher about 150 miles from the Border in Texas that regulary captures pictures of ‘illegals’ with his hunting cameras… Friends living just out of St John Az sit on their porch with rifle in reach & are eye witness to these crossings….

    These Borders must be sealed NOW, perhaps then we can address reform. For now let’s give ENFORCEMENT a shot! ALL Americans have a right to live in Freedom..not fear….