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3 thoughts on “Immigration; Even A Liberal Can Understand

  1. Jan Brown

    Why do we allow “trick or treat” 365 days a year? (more than any other country on the planet) These CRIMINAL TRESPASSERS knock on our door (or walk right in) & we fill their pocket/sacks with a map to the nearest Social Service location where the big treats are handed out. I’m as compassionate as the next, but I was taught that ‘charity begins at home’ At a time when we have citizens losing jobs & homes, being forced to the streets…is this honestly a time to take care of the illegal first. The flood of CRIMINALs crossing across our borders is causing many American Citizens to live in fear…NOT FREEDOM! It time to turn off the porch light & slam the door shut!!!!

    I guess living in a border state does contribute to my opinion. But this problem is in every nook & cranny of the Great Nation. “Comprehensive’ indicates understanding & ‘do-able’ The laws are written in plain English. ENFORCEMENT of those laws will work just fine. ‘I like Ike” proved this in 1953.

  2. Ed Wallis

    *Beautiful* in its simplicity and clarity.
    Thank you for the blow-by-blow b*tch-slap American Leftists so dearly deserve.

    1. chris vaca

      Thanks Ed, But do you think the Liberals will ever understad? I for one don’t think so.

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