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House Republicans cave on spending, embrace higher taxes

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  1. The “House” did not cave in, they ‘went along’. Before you can cave in, you need to stand for something. Every man, woman & in between knew for a year, this was comming. Whose voice did you hear speaking out before the deadline loomed? Most were just too busy with campaigns or hooking up with other legislators that could advance their own causes. As the witching hour approched Eric Cantor suddenly discovered his voice….sadly it was geared to his scooting Boehner over to make room for himself…with last minute fragments of ‘don’t give in’but nothing specific, or at least nothing he wished to share with us. The Democrats have learned to use the media to their advantage..sure it’s slanted, but if enough Republicans found a microphone & made noise, they could be heard..So what if they don’t like Boehner, ‘they’ choose him & as long as they wear his colors, they owe it to stand with him & US. If they, as a group of our representatives don’t have what it takes to get together & school him, then they need to pack up & go home. We need to re-think our vetting process.

    Josh has layed it out in clear fashion, I particulary would suggest going back & reading the last few paragraphs…

    I agree, no agreement would’ve been better. The harder you hit bottom the further up you bounce
    Nice work, Josh