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Gun Violence Versus Violence

stop the gun violence

“Dear Leader” President Barack Hussein Obama, on January 14, 2012, said, “My understanding is the vice president is going to provide a range of steps that we can do to prevent gun violence. Some of them will require legislation. Some of them I can accomplish through executive action.”  [emphasis mine]

And, Obama plans to unveil his gun violence proposals at 11:45 a.m. Wednesday (January 16, 2013) at the White House.  [again, emphasis mine]   Obama’s proposals include 19 (count ‘em, 19) executive orders (EO) that Vice President “One Heartbeat Away From Being President” Joe Biden has recommended. All EOs focus upon gun control.

I was in the Army for 22 years. I have been around guns of all types (pistols, rifles, shotguns, even [gasp!] M-16 assault rifles with [double gasp!] 20-round magazines) all of my life. I taught my daughters and son to shoot a shotgun when they were safely (IMHO) able to hold it. Never once did any gun, of its own accord, act violently. And, I have never seen or heard from the (always unbiased) MSM of any gun, of its own accord, acting violently. So, I must conclude that both Obama and Biden have chosen a target that cannot speak for itself or defend itself. Yet, through a lap-dog MSM, Obama will announce his plans to curb (non-existent) gun violence through gun control. The real issue, though Obama and Biden will be loathe to admit it, is control.

True, the shooting in Newtown, CT, were tragic. But why not place the blame where it belongs: Adam Lanza? Lanza, not the guns, was violent. The gun(s) Lanza used did not act of their own accord. The gun(s) Lanza used cannot speak for themselves. But you can bet that Lanza has secured a loud mouth lawyer who will advise Lanza to plead “temporary insanity” and hit the cable TV “news” circuit. And that is what Obama, Biden, and the MSM will play up.

But preventing violence is simply not on Obama’s or Biden’s agenda. They have chosen a target to demagogue that cannot speak for itself, cannot protest the daily violence perpetrated against them. Did you know that there are an estimated 3,562 abortions each day? That is equivalent to 178 Newtown shootings each day. Abortions are certainly violent, especially to the fetus being murdered, I mean legally aborted.

Prevent gun violence? Obama’s way to prevent it is to control guns. Prevent violence? No way.

But that’s just my opinion.
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  1. Obama and his crew are simply taking a faviorate phrase from Mao:
    ‘Power comes from the barrel of a gun.”
    And they want all of the guns, on their side.

  2. John Marsh says:

    But you can bet that Lanza has secured a loud mouth lawyer who will advise Lanza to plead “temporary insanity” and hit the cable TV “news” circuit. And that is what Obama, Biden, and the MSM will play up.

    That’s hard to do when you’re dead.

  3. John Marsh says:


    That’s hard to do when you’re dead.