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Open Letter From Mills Fleet Farm on Gun Control

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  1. I would be curious to see the firing test done by an amature shooter. Many of us who own guns are concerned about our spouses ability to aim and shoot under pressure. For me a short barreled, pistol grip 12 gauge is much better for home defense than a rifle or pistol, simply because the odds are better for success by someone who might go to a range once a year. Having said that, I thougt the open letter was exceptionally well done.

  2. what is the difference in muzzle velocity between the 00 pellets and the rifle slug?

  3. Stewart Mills should be commended for speaking up . He may loose a few customers and gain some however it is a huge risk. He is standing up for a cause that many will support him on and hes risking what few have to risk. A real American, standing up for our right to be free. Thanks Stewart!