FEMA: Burned Out Family Can’t Rebuild

By | January 25, 2013

Meet the Taylors, a Sacramento family whose home burned down last August. After dealing with the devastation and emotional trauma the family discovered that FEMA had changed the rules for their area and now would require their home be built 20 feet above ground in order to meet the new flood zone designation. While the fire damage was covered by their insurance the new building requirements were not.

“The city won’t let me fix my house because of FEMA regulations,” Jennifer Taylor said in an interview to Fox News in November. “This is so wrong.”

We bought this home in 1998 because FEMA had certified the levees as 100-year flood protection,” Taylor told FoxNews.com. “Homes are just not being fixed here. … There’s at least a handful of us in this situation.”

In 2008 FEMA revisited flood prone areas and decertified the levee.

Watch their documentary and understand their frustration with the government.

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3 thoughts on “FEMA: Burned Out Family Can’t Rebuild

  1. Jan Brown

    This is yet another knee jerk reaction by our fearless leaders in Washington. I suppose if it’s raining in California everyone in Arizona’s Sonora esert will be required to carry an umbrella….WHY no grandfather clause if the entire country falls under this ‘law’. FEMA has quite the track record, just ask Hurracaine Sandy victims!!!!

    1. Teresa Wendt Post author

      It would make sense that since the levee was considered good just a few years before. Of course, the FEMA rep said it was now Congress’ fault for not allocating enough funds.
      Government run amok.

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