Dems Gain the Voter ID Edge, Again

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  • An ‘undefinded mission’ is a failed mission. One only with ‘specific’ purpose can be successful. Generalities are like pipe dreams & go up in smoke. This is true, not only as individuals, but Nations…

    WHAT EXACTLY do YOU want? SPECIFICALLY WHAT do you mean by “take our governmnt back? These are common statements we (inc. me) use regularly. If we can’t decide on WHAT, How do we plan to reach the goals?

    The Tea Part(ies) have many good, smart & willing individuals that are capable of leading the conservaties. Unfortunately, ‘they’ are as fractured by egos as the GOP. When UNITED, this is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Unless those still associated with the Tea Party can convince your local leader to meet with others from across the Country & DEFINE THE MISSION, We will keep fading from revalence. Many who (were) members & others cannot give definition of the tea party…therefore, cannot have an opinion for or against the Tea Party.

    All groups/organizations are comprised of individuals. Individually, we must first decide & define what it is we want & then act to persuade others. All successful missions start with ideas followed by planning. As a united ‘team’ we can achive wonders.

    Want your I.D. back…then roll up you sleeves & go to work…2010 proved we know how!!