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Are Americans Really That Stupid?

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  1. Derrell Poole says:

    Geez, Chris! I just don’t know where you got all of this common sense!

    Don’t you know the Emo Lefty Entitlement mongers will never understand your logic?

    Here is another Climate Change story. It was on the Green, Green, Green, NatGEO Channel (imagine that!)

    According to Paleontologists as little as 14,000 years ago the northern half of N. America was covered with ice as much as a mile thick. This is important to keep in mind. The doc was about how the glaciers in Glacier National Park were disappearing. (OMG!) The program gently massaged your mind with its sad tale of how certain tree species were disappearing and animals that depended on those trees were also disappearing. Of course we humans were responsible because we’ve carelessly change the Climate in the last 200 or 300 years with our Industrial Revolution – you know all that nasty coal smoke and other “greenhouse gasses”!

    Let me see if I can figure this out. The Glaciers are disappearing from a few hundred feet think in the last one hundred years as oppose to several thousand feet thick over the last 14,000 years (and never mind the occasional mini cool downs you mentioned in the interim). Yeah, we are responsible…!

    For the Emos who cannot figure out the point; if our greenhouse gases were the cause of these Glaciers disappearing in the last few hundred years where were we for the previous 13,800 years that brought the glaciers down to their diminutive sizes in the first place?

    Signed; just another stupid American…

  2. Jan Brown says:

    Yup! I’ve just been shaking my head in disbelief so much I wear a neck brace & have a large red spot on my forehead from doing the “could’ve had a V8″ slap at least once a day!! These ‘man on the streets’ answers are, uh like you know, the valley girl syndrome is like you know, nation wide..

    • Chris Vaca says:

      I’ll tell you Jan every time I see these man on the street interviews I always say “What has happened to America”

      • Jan Brown says:

        My generation failed Stewardship 101 and did not teach. Instead we were indulging in ‘finding ourselves & what felt good” & encourgaed our children to. It’s been snow balling downhill ever since. A good strom fence will at least slow it down so we can catch up…if we hurry

  3. Ronni says:

    I’ve been asking myself the same question since November 2008. Let’s be honest though; if the GOP would choose a conservatives over RINOS they might win instead of losing to an Obama. People are stupid because the Republicans cannot teach what they, themselves, don’t believe. I’ll stop here lest I go on and on and the comment becomes longer than your article.

    • Chris Vaca says:

      I know how you feel Ronni, I could have made this article 10 pages long.

      • Ronni says:

        Don’t know if you watched Hannity’s special last night with Peter Schweitzer and Steven Bannon but I did and though I knew a lot of this to see it put all together was eye opening to say the least. If you didn’t watch I ask you to because spending is the tip of the iceberg and the iceberg’s name is Corruption.

        The show is called Boom Town and Fox usually replays the specials.

        I think as conservatives we’re swatting at the bees instead of getting rid of the hive.

        You know the libs aren’t going to do anything; they feed from the trough.

        Anyway, my rant is over…………for now.

  4. Tabby says:

    If Americans weren’t that stupid, the Presidency would have never even been a twinkle in Barack Obama’s eye.
    I understand though. Sadly I ask myself the same thing every day.