America – We Will Stand and Fight – Support Gun Appreciation Day

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  • Kevin, I find that I, again, agree with & enjoy your opinions. Guess that’s because ‘not’ doing so would put my own in question & I’ve worked at getting them so slow to get too far away from them. Seriusly, I think the “Gun Appreciation Day” was an encellent idea <<>> there was no notice it was even happening until I turned on evening news after the fact. Oops, another chance missed by conservatives to get in front of a microphone… Which happens to be my pet peeve with the Republican Party…NO ONE rebutts loudd & clear all of the propaganda from ‘that person’ in OUR White House!!! I’m Sounding a bit like “Johnny one note” today…still a fact that the TEA PARTY can get the job done…So let’s get the party started!!!! We can put a microphone & loud speakers across the nation…Now we won’t be as well salaried as the OB campaign staff turned PR firm…But we can be twice as effective.