Student reprimanded for possessing a piece of paper

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  • Here then is a most profound display of Emo Leftist Progressivism (as if we lacked any such displays lately)!

    Emo – the inglorious absence of common sense in the support of an irrational goal or agenda!!

  • Common Sense has become rationed & appears to be the next item on the “endangered” list right after our beloved Constitution…If only our school administrations would give a much attention to ‘teaching’ the Constitution as they do in eithr ignoring or destroying it. This ‘reaction’ to a piece of paper makes knee jerk responses look like a grain of sand. There is so much on our plates, but we cannot over look the fact that a lack of knowledge of the 4 R’s & common sense in our classrooms need to be corrected if a lasting solutin is expected. “Grown ups” act on what they learn as children.