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40th Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade Celebrated With Creepy Video

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  1. L Meyers says:

    Evil. Straight out of Hell! That Man is possessed, with a lot of evil spirits! Pray for his repentance!

  2. L Meyers says:

    Evil. Straight out of Hell! That Man is posses with a lot of evil spirits! Pray for his repentance!

  3. Derrell Poole says:

    I didn’t watch the Videos. I don’t need to. I am not a Right to Life activist – I’m not even a believer in any god. But. So long as we are going to pretend to be a civilized species I do adhere very DEARLY to Christian and Conservative Values. I respect life.


    Booo hoooo hoooo hoooo….

    20 little children at Sandy Hook!

    Booo hoooo hoooo…!

    54 million plus since 1973

    I HATE Hypocrisies above all else! And this is the most Hypocritical Nation of all. This means all of us!
    We cry over 20 toddlers killed in cold blood but day after day the Ultimate genocide marches on! And for what?! A buncha selfish animals not fit to be called humans!

    WE are in a quandary over what to do to stop these petty little murders. We wonder why they even occur. It must be insanity. Or it must be some form of mistreatment. Or it must be some other extraneous reason.

    I’ll tell you what it is; at our national core we DON’T respect life. The example we set – the very moral level of our society is in the gutter because of THIS!

    I hereby stop caring about these petty little murders! These frivolous mass murders. They are nothing by comparison!

  4. poptoy1949 says:

    This is absolutely horrible and reeks of irresponsibility.