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Leftist loon blames Chicago violence on climate change

One can expect to hear any number of ridiculous claims by guests – not to mention hosts – on the far-left MSNBC network, but one talking head recently shared an opinion so unbelievable it actually stood out among the rest of the propagandistic rhetoric. Christie Hefner, spokesperson for the Center for American Progress, was on the air with pseudo-Republican host ...

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Mullin Disappoints Once Again

Eagle Trusting Government

I attended a town hall meeting in Claremore on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 featuring Markwayne Mullin, the newly elected congressman from Oklahoma’s 2nd District. Some of his statements sounded strange coming from a “conservative” but one response to a question bothered me more than the rest. A man asked Mullin about the executive orders being used by Barack Obama to ...

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The Reality of Long Term Unemployment


In his “Mission Accomplished” moment, Barack Hussein Obama ended his jobs council on Thursday, January 31, 2013. Despite the fact that more than 12 million people in the U.S. are still out of work. Obama’s allies will point out that when the jobs council began two years ago, unemployment was above 9 percent and has since improved to 7.8 percent.  ...

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The Abortion Fallicy

It’s been over a week since the anniversary of Roe V. Wade but I wanted to post some thoughts here for my first article on this site. First let me say that those who say all of us born after January 22nd, 1973 should thank our mothers for not aborting is going a bit too far. I am passionately pro ...

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In Deep with Michelle Ray – Bring Your Own Munchies!


When: Thursday, Janurary 31st, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific Where: In Deep with Michelle Ray on Blog Talk Radio What: Join Social Media Director of ConservativeDailyNews.com, Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) as she discusses the issues that impact America. Tonight:Join me and Tom LaDuke of From The Right Radio as we talk about the impact of legalized marijuana and industrial hemp. Bring your own munchies. ...

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Apartment complex bans soldier’s small flag display

Just months after returning from a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan, U.S. Army National Guard veteran Tyler Barge was embroiled in another fight defending the American flag. This time it involves the management of his Salem, Va., apartment complex. A small American flag, displayed in a cup of dirt on his patio wall, is a violation of the building’s code, he ...

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Rebuttal of RINO Mick Mulvaney and Dem Keith Ellison’s lies

In an op-ed published on January 3rd in the extremely liberal Huffington Post, RINO Congressman Mick Mulvaney (RINO-SC) and extremely liberal Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) made a number of false claims and a few straw man arguments while promoting their campaign to gut America’s defense together with leftist think-tanks. (Their false claims, previously made in a letter to Congressional leadership, ...

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Homeland Security: In an Emergency; Grab Your Scissors


Continuing the idea that only the government can protect you the Department of Homeland Security has released this video of options if you are in a dangerous situation. Key in the DHS plan is to take cover and hide.  But… “If you are caught out in the open and cannot conceal yourself or take cover, you might consider trying to ...

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The Law of the Morning


‘Forty is the old age of youth and fifty is the youth of old age.’ I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. I can’t believe people think it’s okay to have this conversation. It is apparently so, ‘this conversation’ having advanced rapidly since 2009. Of old age Longfellow appropriately wrote: “Age is opportunity no less, Than youth itself, though in ...

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Immigration Reform? Secure the Border First.

arizona border

President Obama, talking about his illegal immigrant solution, told Univision this week that the US-Mexico border is more secure than ever. Not surprisingly, we’re arguing semantics. More secure? Maybe. Secure? Not. As an Arizona resident, I hope those working on immigration reform press to secure the border first.  If you live on the East Coast traveling quickly from state to ...

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ATF’s Epic Fail In Milwaukee

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 11.29.54 AM

As Harry Reid bolts from Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s renewed push to ban so-called assault weapons, other senators, including Pat Leahy and Al Franken, may politick their way into killing the bill in committee.  As Ed Morrissey of Hot Air posted yesterday, No one thought Reid would be excited to support a new assault-weapons ban.  He didn’t support the last one, and he’s been ...

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What the DOD should do in case of sequestration

Unless the Congress repeals or reprioritizes sequestration, a mechanism set up by the Budget Control Act of 2011, that mechanism will cut roughly $50 bn out of the defense budget in FY2013 alone and another $55 bn in each FY through FY2022. Also, Congress may fail this year to pass a proper Defense Appropriations Act or an Omnibus Approps  bill ...

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Rebuttal of John T. Bennett’s and DefenseNews’ blatant lies and biased “reporting”

The leftist DefenseNews website has recently published an irredeemably biased, lying piece of “reporting” by its biased, extremely leftist anti-defense hack John T. Bennett. Titled “For Defense Sector, Americans’ Support for Military Cuts Is an Inconvenient Truth”, it falsely claims that “For Pentagon officials, defense-sector CEOs and congressional hawks, it is perhaps the most inconvenient of all truths: Most Americans ...

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