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Why We Should Stand With The Two Percent

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  1. It’s rather ironic that so many in D.C. are calling for more taxes when they & staff members haven’t even paid their own income tax…Where are the ‘tax evasion’ charges….but I digress from the topic…Most of us ‘commoners’ have no concept of how/what/why the taxes are even figured at this level, so how in the heck can we have such strong opinions on ‘what’s fair? Many of the louder voices damning the ‘rich’ have already stashed a comfortable amount & couldn’t honestly care less…there’s the couch potatoe that dares you to motivate him to ‘get a job’ & others that simply need to be a part of what they consider a cause (in return for freebies) THEN there’s the REAL DANGER as the statist striving/elite progressive working for a new world order (lower case letters deliberate) that wants us, the American citizens, brought to our knees & unable to get up. They know that ‘money’ is one of or even THE subject of the greatest decension known to man & a quick demoralizer…a path to obiedient slavery…
    Even a 10 yr old know to balance both sides of the scale need to hold the same amount at the same time. No waiting until later to finish a balance. To get ya gotta give