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The War on Christmas – First Amendment Style

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About Chris Enloe

I am a 16 year old Conservative based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am currently a senior at North Davidson Senior High School. You can follow me on Twitter @chrisenloe.

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  1. Now my neighbor has the ‘right’ to have a dog, but does extend to allowing it to make a daily deposit in my front yard? These grevious manipulations & inclusiveness is the same thing…both caca

    Chris, so glad to see this approach. While it is true that the Big Boot of Goverment is stomping all over & shredding the (our) Constitution, and there has been much said these past few years about rights etc, I’ve been somewhat amazed at the number of those yeling loudest really don’t know ‘what’ is in all the amendments. I’ve had to go back a number of times & reread. If some are unwilling to learn or don’t know that what out Founding Fathers built the foundation of this Country on, perhaps they should relocate…

    Liz Harrington wrote in a fairly recent post thatshe is an Athiest..and gave a good logical difination as to ‘what’ an Athiest is….thre was no mention of hate or disrespect to those of different opinions. I do believe before these ‘groups’ label themselves that they should at least know what one is…but then they don’t understand the Amendments either..

    “Hate” is supposed to be a hair away from ‘Love’ Maybe a group hug would help (I wish) better than lawsuits.