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4 thoughts on “That Funny Leftist Equation about Voter I.D.

  1. Jon

    To be fair, you also have the Republican House Leader of PA going on the record saying that the voter ID law would get Romney elected.

  2. Greg Allmain

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, this is one of the stranger things that seems to unique to US politics. It would be nice to see some group with significant resources put together a definitive list of countries with voter ID requirements.

  3. Jan Brown

    Greg, this is a great time to write about this..Some of those up for office in two years may well need to make a stand for this, but only if the public makes the issue for them. It amazes me, people can get to Wally World & welfare offices but whine I can’t get to DMV for an ID. …As a Voter Registar in Texas, I have to see a PICTURE ID & address verification.

    But naturally, if I’m illegal or otherwise “not suppose to vote” well, guess I wouldn’t want an ID requried. Seems that all those ‘politicians’ that are negative on Picture ID’s & guns all use BOTH when it comes to their own safety….

    Thanx Greg for bringing this up, hope to see more

  4. Jeremy Griffith

    You’re absolutely right Greg. The left always wants to be like Europe, except in the case of Voter ID. Why this unnatural assumption that presenting an ID to vote will disenfranchise voters. The notion doesn’t bear up to scrutiny.

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