Spielberg’s Lincoln Isn’t Pro-Obama

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  • A 6th? –7th? lLincoln and yet again with Sally Field?

    Spielberg continues his long pattern of providing on cue,
    ‘on board’ predictive programming and PC moral alibis
    for the agenda and things unfolding.

    Remember his soft programming for Project Blue Beam
    and more esp. his PC guilt trippy revisionist ode to old
    China —-‘Empire of the Sun’—- which was used to
    cover for the Globalist handover to RED China —and
    near the eve of the – –


    So, as always, BEWARE celebrations of enforced ‘equality’
    from BILLIONAIRE Hollywood producers in Trotsky glasses.

    In 2012, surely the ONLY urgently relevant aspect of the
    Lincoln legacy yet to be treated, or even mentioned, by
    Hollywood was his quite possibly —-FATAL—- diss
    of the Global banking syndicate over finance of the war.

    Just a little REALITY CHECK on this, the ‘mysteriously overlooked’
    ——————60th Anniversary——————
    of the RED China, Globalism, mind control, EUGENICS and GENOCIDE
    ‘unfriendly’ – – –

    ——————KOREAN WAR———————-