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2 thoughts on “Socialism Destroys Society

  1. Derrell Poole

    Amazing. Mr. Becker’s words state in so many phrases what I have known all along in my heart. All one has to do is recall the first Presidential debate as compared to the next two. In the first ObAma was lack luster, while Romney was very rational but with a zeal and passion. The Media lamented that ObAma had lost the debate. Then Biden and Barry turned on the “charm” and almost ranted with emotion in the last two debates – the Truth not withstanding. Well!

    Barry continues to ride the tide of emotionalism. He is attempting to stir up the middle class by leveraging the threat of a middle class increase in taxes and blame it on the Republicans! “Oh My Gawd! I am soooOOOOooo angry….”

    Wait a minute. In the shadow of Mr. Becker’s high value article may I share what this rational mind thinks?

    One of Barry’s heart felt campaign promises was that he would not let the Middle Class tax cut terminate. Now Barry is blatantly using this very promise to Blackmail the Republicans into becoming the evil reason why Barry just will not be able to keep that promise! Isn’t it strange how absolutely unwilling he is to compromise and yet hold that threat against Congress to get what he wants? This rational mind can only conclude that he never intended to keep his promise. This is a convenient “out” to not to take the blame for breaking that promise.


    And here is another practical rational thought. Barry has ridden into his second term on the guises that he cares about the middle class. And yet he is using an important promise to them as a weapon to get what he wants AT their Peril! He doesn’t have to do this. He can compromise. But as our first American Caesar, he won’t!

    Now. What else is he being disingenuous about? How much emotion has been stirred up over the Newtown killings? Do any of your rational minds go where my mind goes with this? How extraordinarily horrendous was that event? Did any of you notice there were no under privileged children involved? We only know what we are told – we were not there and we have no knowledge of what experiences and what influences could have been exerted upon the killer. That he may have been mentally unstable has been well promulgated thru the media. But there is no mention whatsoever of how much such a mind could be influenced by outside interaction…

    Who were his “friends”?

    Maybe it was completely a coincident (and quite valuable in terms of emotional exploitation) but this rational mind so mistrusts this administration that it is very difficult to not extend the event into the realm of what we don’t know – especially in how quickly the Progressives have moved to make the most of it!


  2. melissa

    Kyle left out the part about man’s inalienable rights (including his rational mind) being from God not an all powerful government. When man not God is sovereign (like now) there will only be justice & prosperity for some.

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