Shop threatened for selling candy cigarettes, gum

By | December 29, 2012

A Minnesota retailer recently got an unwelcome visit from a Department of Safety and Inspection official who threatened the owner with a $500 fine for selling candy.

The small shop – which features a retro soda fountain and specializes in old-fashioned candies – kept products such as Big League Chew, candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars on its shelves in violation of a ridiculous city ordinance.

Apparently, the legislators in St. Paul equate the availability of these products with tobacco use among adults.

The left’s demonization of smoking extends to those selling candy sticks that have been available for decades prior. Exposure to such sweets leads to a lifelong addiction, they say, but seem to ignore any link between kids exposed to increasingly gratuitous sex and violence and similar behavior as an adult.

Two states – Maine and Tennessee – prohibit candy cigarette sales within their borders and I’m sure those behind each such ordinance believe they are protecting children. It is disturbing, though, to witness the government crackdown on politically incorrect products while ignoring the amoral culture actually contributing to this nation’s descent into mediocrity.

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One thought on “Shop threatened for selling candy cigarettes, gum

  1. Slam Dunk

    OMG…The madness just never ends. Stay the &%^$ out of people’s business. Freedom is not just for some, it is for everybody. You have to make a big deal out of candy shaped like cigarettes??? Eating a candy cigarette is not going to lead to smoking the real things! It just blows my mind that people will teach their children to stay away from a candy cigarette but teach them it is ok to have 2 moms or 2 dads! Talk about warped minds!

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