Routine Stop? 14 Illegal Immigrants Pile Out of One Car

By | December 2, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Routine Stop? 14 Illegal Immigrants Pile Out of One Car

  1. Jan Brown

    This is NOT an isolated incident… The ‘business” of human smuggling is BIG business & widespread. In Oct the Canadians stopped & searched a crossing truck & discover some 30 human beings that had traveled from El Saladore, Columbia, & Mexico, across the USA to enter Canada. All had paid large sums to the smugglers & almost all showed signs of degradation & abuse….”Sanctuary Cities” are popping up where ILLEGAL trespassers are welcomed while the rest of the Country pays their way. Perhaps if all federal & state funds were withheld the welcome mat would disappear. We are a compassionate nation & thank goodness we are…BUT let me ask you this….Is your family & saftey more important than crimminal tresspassers? Would you kick your family out of your home so that ‘crimminals’ could live there?…..This is just what open borders & willy nilly amnesty does. YOUR MONEY flows like water through welfare, SNAP, Medical facilities, not to mention jobs lost, & education. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME…lET’S shut the borderS & then revamp the lottery process.

    FYI Immigration info is available on federal websites & video showing the amount & type of illegal traffic & havoc can be found on the West Texas Border Volunteer site & “They Come to America” documention by Dennis Lynch filmed on Az & Tx borders.

    The LAWS are on the books, just need ENFORCEMENT without fear of reprisal by our own government.

    1. Teresa Wendt Post author

      Great points Jan. There are way too many people who think this is just a border problem.

      1. Jan Brown

        Thanks Teresa. Another area that alarms me is the Reid ‘Dream Act” & more recently is the trolling for educated professionals world wide….the later can bring ‘families’ legally as well. WHAT constitutes a ‘family’?? parents? grandparents, cousins, aunt & uncles ++. Will they have the background checks as required for admittance? ….300,000 legal immigrants AND extended families are already in the Harris County (Houston) area will require $680 each for application filing+ english classes etc…Of course all will not apply, but the rate of appliation in 2011 exceeded 800,000 and increass of over a million in 2010. The financial burden is impossible to bear if we are to take care of our own citizens in forced poverty when combined with the literal flood of ‘illegal (crimminal) trespassers flooding our border each day & night….as one can tell, I’m rather ‘passionate’ on this issue…I hav spent a great deal of the last 8 years involved with a number partriotic groups addressing this problem such as the Minutemen, Patriot’s Coalition with research through the like of ALPAC, F.A.I.R. & Pew Hispanic. I so appreciate that you don’t leave topics such as this slide out of sight with all the other “stuff” that is being thrown in our face….just think that like with tort reformthe core cause must be defined & addressed

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