Obama: ‘I will use whatever power this office holds’ to change 2nd Amendment

By | December 16, 2012

I can feel that changes coming on! Obama made it very clear:

“In the coming weeks, I will use whatever power this office holds…”

Get ready, America! The fight for our freedom is truly about to begin! What we have seen up until now has just been a precursor!

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4 thoughts on “Obama: ‘I will use whatever power this office holds’ to change 2nd Amendment

  1. allen cottrill

    if the prez wants to do something to help this country…well why not put God back into our schools and our business’ and our gov. alot of this started after it was “wrong” to talk about God in our schools and in goverment…not all of our troubles started then but a good large part did….the prez talks of God alot in his speeches and states to turn to God for answers and healing…..but not in schools or gov offices unless your the prez…not allowed in our military or work places…it might make someone uneasy…but would it hurt to put God back where God was before all this trouble started..think about it…just think about it hard….Mr Prez of where God should be…being tought to our children everyday, everywhere, in everything they do…Mr Prez…this will help. Stop asking what needs to be done and just do it…think really hard about when it started……..

    1. Bill Quick

      Right. But doesn’t really want to do those things.

      However, he would really, really,really like to confiscate guns currently in the hands of private citizens.

      1. Jim Bowling

        If the 2nd amendment was put into place to prevent the government from brutalising the citizens of America then his statement about using the full power of his office to confiscate guns should be null and void…the power to do that should not be his. However should he succeed, citizens will stop being citizens and will become subjects..and then the scourge will begin…massive retaliation and executions will take place….believe it.

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