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3 thoughts on “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste…Ever

  1. Jan Brown

    It’s a fact! Sometimes ‘Bad things’ happen…so do good things. I choose ‘not’ to be a victim of circumstances beyond my control. I am EMPOWERED not Powerless….I rely on ‘protection’ & security is provided by laws of the land (when enforced)The Constitution, &…ultimately…myself. As good as the ‘little king’ may think he is, he cannot control or dictate every move of everyone. He CAN direct & encourage through his own actions…now it’s time for him to lead or get the hell out of the way for someone who can.

  2. Kender Breitbart MacGowan

    Very well said, but I fear we’ve too many willing to let government provide the illusion of security rather than securing their safety and security themselves. It is the highest right of free men to protect and defend their own lives and property and when the 1st amendment fails us the 2nd stands as the last bastion of maintaining our liberty.

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