Let Us Not Blame God

By | December 22, 2012

We were all horrified, disgusted and saddened when we heard the news about the shootings in Connecticut, how can this happen was on everyone’s lips. Over the years we have woken-up to news of people being killed by some nutjob with a gun, but killing innocent babies, seems so much more senseless than the other killings, even the people who did not pay much attention to other killings were hit hard by the death of these babies.

Right after, everyone found someone to blame, the anti-gun, anti-second amendment people came out in force, blaming it on guns and called for the banning of guns and saying it is time to get rid of the second amendment. The people on the other side came out saying this would not have happened if we would have had people armed with guns at the school to protect those children, so the answer was to have more guns not less.

Then there were the people who blamed God, how could God let this happen they said, why did he not protect these innocent children. Then we had the Atheists coming out saying, this is proof that there is no God, if there was a God why would he let this happen? Atheists always seem to come out when something bad happens, just so they can say see there is no God, but when something good happens, and people are saying it has to be a miracle, they hide under their beds nowhere to be found.

I am pro second amendment, also pro God and I don’t blame either for what happen to those babies, I blame that sick nutjob who pulled the trigger on the gun for those senseless killings, although I understand how people can feel the way they do at times such as these.

This much I do know, after the tragedy in Connecticut the people of that town all turned to God, you can tell because all the churches in town were filled to capacity and they had prayer vigils everywhere. At times like these, when there are dark moments in our life we run towards God, not away from him. He provides comfort for us, many can feel him standing next to us as we pray, and he is our strength so that we may carry on in life after these senseless tragedies.

If you are familiar with the Bible, then you will remember the story of the night of “The slaughter of the innocents,” when Herod sent his soldiers to kill every male child in Bethlehem because he was told the Messiah was born there. God also sent an Angel to tell Joseph and Mary they must leave Bethlehem so that they may save the baby Jesus.

Why did God not save the babies of Bethlehem? I don’t know. Just like I do not know why he did not save those babies in Connecticut, this much I do know, all those babies and the other people who died that day in Connecticut are in Heaven with God today.

At this time of year, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, let’s make sure we throw in a couple of prayers for those people in Connecticut, not only for the ones that died, but for the ones who lost their loved ones.


This is one man’s opinion.

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