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2 thoughts on “Let The Democrats Do What They Want

  1. Jan Brown

    Chris, “IF” you’re off base, you still have plenty of company, as it seems to be cropping up in conversations….Of course… it isn’t a solution, but when you’ve tried everything you can think of to turn the tide & reach the hand wringing stage, it sure seems like the best path….& we’re getting just ‘plain ole worn out’….We keep ‘ona fightin’ because we remember all of those that have given their all in ages past & present…& we know right from wrong..(at least most do)

    Dead is dead…even dead right..So obviously being ‘right’ about the economy & blame falling where it may, is no help…& makes it a hellva lot harder to climb back from. soooo let’s take a good hard look at the guys(& gals) WE hired…The starch in their backbones may have just plumb ‘run out’. & rendered them limp & impotent & totally defenseless against ‘blockheads’. If a can of X-tra Stength Spray Starch doesn’t help,…it’s time to go shopping & find a new employee. A good
    Wally World employee might be an improvement in a couple of cases I can think of.

    The ‘Head Blockhead” needs to know HE IS TEMPORARY & so are the blockheads that form his guard. Strong TEA is acidic & cuts through bull. TEA is also known to provide an adhesive full of starch & binding properities…Let’s have an old fashioned TEA PARTY!!…& yank their invitations…Come locked & loaded with knowledge & focus, prepared to hunt down & totally vet replacements, snd them to Washington with a case of starch to do the laundry…We can’t do it in one flet swoop, but here are enough of us to work in waves until the laundry is done & dirt goes down the drain. Leaving us with the Hall of Congress smelling like Good American Common Sense.

    Better to say “SEE, we know what works”

    1. Chris Vaca

      Hi Jan, I was reading an article the other day that said going over the cliff is what Obama really wants, because he really wants to raise taxes across the board on everyone. By going over the cliff he gets his way and he can blame it on the Republicans.

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