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Let “progressives” Own the Fiscal Cliff

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  2. I am not a mathmatician, I just recently learned to spell economist & I married my accountant to insure my checkbook balanced…Still, even, I can see a ‘con’ job, particulary when it smells as bad as this.

    Bernanke was put in place as a backup singer for “The Progressive Boy’s Choir”…& is following the Conductor’s baton….as is every chair in the ochestra pit. The commerical of the old lady going over a cliff was a ‘scare ya’ tatic, just as this emphais on fical ‘cliff’. It IS DANGEROUS & will do damage, but we will not implode on impact. Just maybe it will give us a huge bounce back up & show a way out of the hole that many don’t seem to grasp. CUT SPENDING..like the ‘real’ stuff…

    What annoys, perplexes & makes me angry is that our conservatives stay quite & let Boehner take all the heat (& I’m not a fan of his) The ‘progressive voices’ are heard loud & clear on every wave link how ‘nasty old Republicans’ don’t offer anything, the ?President? is on the campaign trail (still) Paul Ryan was selected as a VP canidate because of his tax plan that was voted on & approved by the House, reference is made to the closing of ‘loopholes’ (no specifics) on the rich..I’m willing to bet that outside a very small circle not much is known about any counter offers that are made. Where are all the elected representatives hiding???? Are they not able to stand & back up Boehner as their leader (they choose him) Can they not access ‘some’ of the media or send letters to constituents , perhaps ‘townhall meetings’ via phones?? Are they deaf DUMB & blind????

    What challange have you heard about the audacious, Machevallian demand that gives OBAMA CONTROL of the
    (our) Budget ceiling??? NADA (my french is better than my Spanish, but..)kinda a deal breaker to me…is it possible that was the intent along with “I will not sign anything without a raise in tax rate”???

    The Democrats intend to make it another Republican & ‘Bush’s’ fault…If you have to, pick up a 2 x 4 & insist that YOUR elected representative & senator needs to start banging drumbs & howling NOW!!! The best defense is a strong Offense…

  3. I generally support Rand Paul but I’m do not agree with voting “present” on a Democrat plan. Isn’t that as intellectually cowardly as voting for a vanity candidate like Gary Johnson for president? Voting present is practically indistinguishable from voting yes. If you opposed tax increases, why didn’t you vote no. It looks to the average voter like John Francois Kerry’s position, that “I voted for it before I voted against it”.

    Why don’t the House majority pass an across-the-board tax cut and a 1% reduction in spending (a la the Penny Plan) and go home. Let the Senate and Obama chew on that. If they don’t like it, we go over the fiscal cliff. Then the tax increases are clearly the Democrat’s responsibility.

    That’s why we “(c)onservatives … keep bashing Speaker of the House John Boehner and House leadership…” Because they are RINOs, who are unwilling to fight. They represent an echo of Democrat’s disastrous policies, not a choice.

    • As part of his strategy, Senator Paul suggested that the House first pass their own bill and send it to the Senate where it will surely die. He suggested that Republicans then allow the Democrats to bring their own bill loaded with tax increases to the floor. In that scenario, Republicans must vote present on it so it would be eligible to go to the Senate, then to the White House. If the House Republicans vote no on the Democrats House bill, it is defeated and goes nowhere. Then, the strategy to have nothing but “progressive” fingerprints and zero Conservative fingerprints on tax hike legislation signed into law is impossible.

      This is nowhere near as intellectually cowardly as voting for a vanity candidate, because this plan has a chance of being successful.

      • Thanks, Michael, I had compeletly forgotten the need of votes to move forward. This idea is one that hasn’t received the attention it should. I hope readers will encourage their reps to follow through & then make it loud & clear “Who” is to balme.