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It’s the Spending, Stupid

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  1. Folks: I can’t stand that leftist creep Obama.. but the one issue of spending that NOBODY (Dem’s or Rep’s)ever puts out on the table is military spending. Military spending is OUT OF CONTROL in this country at about $700 BILLION a year. Not to mention billions a year quietly given in what amounts to supporting the Welfare state of Israel or all the “goodies” in the off-limit “black budget”: R @ D for exploring more new and exciting ways to kill people. The people on the chopping block are always the elderly or the poor. Our infrastructure is falling apart while we sustain hundreds of useless bases around the globe. Stop this insanity.

    Damn: why didn’t ya all stick to voting for the only truly libertarian politician Ron Paul?

  2. Maybe we could yank these esteemed legislators out of the hallowed halls long enough to to tell them to K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) Pretend it’s your own money you’re spending….Don’t want to take it from your pet project ? Fine, cut the ‘fluff’ from your day & fire a couple of staff membersThen take a look with sicissors at the flat dumb research grants pulling on the milk tittie..oh, cut out the fancy lunches. …be sure you nix all the freebies your taxpayers have no benefit from…..AND PAY YOUR OWN TAXES BEFORE YOU RAISE MINE!!! Probably won’t work as most seem to leave common sense at home.