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High School Student Suspended For American Flag

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  1. Jan Brown says:

    “Patriotism” may be ‘out of vogue’ but is not a punishable offense…yet ! Oldsters, like myself, were raised under the influnce of “Miss Manners”, common sense AND the oft forgotten “GOLDERN RULE” All the while being taught by teachers that knew & respected this Rule & Our Constitution. Gradulally, simple politeness evolved into this horrid, one sided monster called “Political Correctness”. As we held the door open for it to invade, we also allowed GOD and/or principals to slip out of the door & our lives unnoticed… Just so we could feel all warm & fuzzy about our extreme generousity. …It just felt so darn good we kept adding to it we just pulled scales over our eyes & let it happen!…This, Nathan, is the first ‘enemy from within’. The parents of these 3 young men are apparently ‘left overs’ of what made this, our country exceptional…..’Left overs’ can be the start of a great feast….if enough Patriots join together to keep the pot stired & boiling….I’ve often advocated that reform or restoration start at local goverment, And true as that may be, perhaps it’s time restore the standards we accept from our teachers…& include a glance at our own performance….Righting wrongs can be done…Standing up, shouting in a Drill Sergant’s voice is notout of line,…it’s the salvation of our beloved nation…

  2. Nathan Hale says:

    Wake up fellow Americans!!! A foreign enemy has seized control of our educational system, government and media.

    We are being assaulted by an “enemy within” that hates “We the People” of America. How could any “so called” American teacher, principal or school administration oppose American patriotism if they were Americans? Only someone that hates America would oppose American patriotism.

    “We the People” must start removing these anti-American scum from our society. IMMEDIATELY.

  3. Peggy says:

    Since when is Patriotism a punishable offense?
    This school doesn’t have a leg to stand on, even in the no shirt area,since the swim team also was shirt-less as well as pants-less. The fact that they questioned the decision is a right that we all have. It’s called FREEDOM of SPEECH! Maybe these teachers should read the Constitution! The faculty owes these young MEN a heartfelt and ‘PUBLIC’ apology!