Guns, Guns And More Guns

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  • Today’s liberals apparently believe that government is “the answer” to any problem. As long as they are the government, that is.

    And so, to oppose the government, perhaps by taking arms against it, is to oppose those liberals…personally, they think, since everything revolves around them. Not unlike the thinking of many institutions in the Dark Ages.

    The Second Amendment IS the reason that a citizen of the US succeeds at taking risk. Because they know that their recognized Rights have, in a worst scenario, a way to be enforced by the People.

    And before they start talking about banning/restricting ammunition…”Bear arms” includes the munitions. It doesn’t say “Bear clubs.”

    In the thread of the article, it is blatantly obvious that armed citizens reduce crime. By its very presence or potential presence.

    Criminals/Evil Doers assess risk just like anyone else. And they will go where they can accomplish their task with the least risk.

    Coming up against an unplanned/unanticipated armed opponent isn’t in their planning. And they often, as the article illustrates, fold when confronted.