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47 thoughts on “Gun Control Statistics That Reasonable People Should Know

  1. Kevin Banet

    Many good points about false ideas of gun control in this article. If you want to learn more about why gun control doesn’t stop murders, and about our Second Amendment rights, go to the above website. It’s author, Bradlee Dean, also talks about the conflicting reports around mass murders such as Sandy Hook.

  2. Progressive Paul

    Your graph is in error. The CDC stats list “all homicides” and “firearm homicides”. “Non-firearm homicides” would be all homicides minus firearm homicides, or 5,306.

    There are roughly 3 firearm homicides for every non-firearm homicide.

    1. bart

      Not just fun to play around with, they can be manipulated in all sorts of interesting ways, depending on what kind of results you’re trying to achieve. ;-)

      We could also say that everybody who wears a rabbit costume is safe from being shot by a sniper, because that has probably never occured and could be statistically proven…

  3. bart

    Most people die because they live too long, should we ban living as well?

  4. Jan Brown

    Jan & JanBROWN are not the same person. BOTH are beautiful & brilliant, but may have different opinions. Sooo..please don’t send her my hatemail & I don’t want hers…however I will take her love notes & praise as my supply is sparse.

  5. Dave P

    Most retarded comparison ever. What is your conclusion? Ban cars and falling over? Wake up!

    1. Jay

      You would have to be pretty dense to walk away from this article thinking that it implies anyone should ban cars or anything else.

      The point, which most high schoolers would be able to figure out without my explaining, is that since no one calls for the ban of substances that cause higher death rates than guns, we need to examine whether to ban guns based on statistics that provide more information than just the number of people killed by guns.

      I would suggest you take some classes on basic logic before you advise anyone else to wake up.

  6. Jan Brown

    LAWS are written to ‘protect’ the physical well being capable of understanding them & the consequense of not adherring to them…It does not & cannot predict the mental state of those incapabele of that & are rendered useless. Nor do laws ‘choose’ to be ignored/unenforced. In New York, a known felon broke the law by having guns, In Sandy Hook, a person stole guns from a legal owner (his mother). THE LAWS state these a crime..period! …In BOTH, as well as Colorado tragaties, NONE OF THE GUNS used are on the “list” of assualt weapons that many wish to ban….Perhaps we should direct our attention on ‘the source’ of the problem…the lack of mental health support (or lack of) rather than getting caught up in mass hysteria of ‘more laws’ let’s make it posibl for law enforcement & mental health persons to do what they are trained for…..

  7. informant

    still, 11500 deaths a year for nothing, only a facist would consider this alright

    1. Bruce Miller

      A homicidal maniac will find a way, you can hide all the guns, knives, spears, cross bows, only to find a gasoline bomb in your cafeteria? Difference is made in Canada at least, with sweeping legal powers given to Doctors, health care workers, police and astoundingly effective free mental health care for all. Powers given to our medical practitioners are totally unconstitutional in U.S., same with our police powers. In fact: Mandatory courses in the care and treatment of the mentally ill, elderly, disabled, folk are happening here every day. You want a peaceful,humane,and responsible society, you fucking well pay for it and demand it and get it or call an election !

      1. Aaron

        give all your possesions away. A thief will find a way to steal them anyway.

        1. Bruce Miller

          Native Americ<n philosophy, and it follows close to Jesus instruxtions? Fact is: Better mental health care is like a condom – only preventative medicine but the best we have in hand! A better world is so very possible, just in sight but just out of reach for the hairless monkey.

          1. Bernard Marx

            I hear Hitler had a great mental health program and very strict gun control.

      2. j

        Free mental health care for all? What fantasy version of Canada do you live in?

        I’ve been asking every few months for mental health care FOR OVER FOUR YEARS. I’ve gotten absolutely no help.
        In fact, I’ve been told that the illnesses I have been diagnosed with (by doctors) are not even real things (told to me by a SECRETARY, who then refused to put me on callback lists or waitlists because of his opinion). When I complained through official channels, I was ignored. When I asked to speak to other people, I was told that was impossible as that was the only person who spoke to people who were not already patients there at the only place we can get free care in our town.

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