Gay-friendly Bible translation now available

By | December 13, 2012

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5 thoughts on “Gay-friendly Bible translation now available

  1. psoriasis

    He padecido psoriasis desde hace 6 meses y experimentado con
    todo tipo de tecnicas sin mucho resultado

  2. Alice C. Linsley

    Removing what they consider to be anti-homosexual passages does not make the Bible gay friendly. The entire Biblical framework is binary, holding the male-female distinction as one of the most fundamental binary sets.

    This is simply another attempt to justify spiritual rebellion.

  3. Jeff

    Pretty simple concept here, if it bothers you or offends you, then don’t read it.

    1. B. Christopher Agee Post author

      I don’t plan on reading this nonsense. Unfortunately, its existence has the potential to lead well-meaning individuals astray by perpetuating the myth that biblical values are malleable.

      1. Jon

        It used to be considered a biblical value that the Earth revolved around the sun.

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