Feinstein releases more information on proposed gun ban bill

By | December 28, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Feinstein releases more information on proposed gun ban bill

  1. WillofLa

    Dianne needs to be told that what she proposes is unConstitutional and will not be allowed to continue in the process but rather be thrown out as a bill or any other legislation, or any part of any legislation. Like, the Socialist Democrats stick something good in something bad in order to pass the bad thing in order to get the good thing. When Bush was in office there was several things that he went ahead and signed into law even though he believed that it was bad and destructive to our nation. The reasoning was that he believed that once those things were challenged in court the court would find them unConstitutional and throw them out. Well, guess what? When they were challenged it was the court that threw the challenge out, not the law. The liberal judges the Democrats had in their back pockets worked for them, and not the Constitution.

    The same for this piece of garbage bill from the Socialist Feinstein. Once it passed, we would never be able to challenge it in court. And like the government is NOT supposed to do, the bill goes into full affect even though it’s been challenged and yet has not been found to be Constitutional. And until it has or not, it should be not enforced in order to keep any harm from being done. But see the government doesn’t see things that way. They think as long as there is nothing in print, that means it’s okay. It’s not really, but that is the way evil operates, in anything.

  2. Yes I have

    I strongly believe the things being by Fiensten, Biden, and Oboma and oh let me tell you a a hole slew of idiots in illinois is treason. This is the exact thing all the generations past have fought and died for to keep out of our country.

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