Auto maker fires chaplain to appease non-Christians

By | December 26, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Auto maker fires chaplain to appease non-Christians

  1. tommy scott

    If you are Christian and complain about Muslims they your racist or a bigot but complain about christians and your rights as a christian vanish

  2. Slam Dunk

    When Christians are the center of persecution in the USA you know that Obama is giving the country to the Muslims, just like Egypt and other countries that have been taken over by the crazy Muslim people. All the atheists who do not believe in any God, and other religions that complain and allow this persecution to continue, should not be surprised when the Muslims are allowed to behead them if they do not bow down to Allah. At least with Christianity you are not forced to be a Christian, but with the Muslims you will be forced to follow the Islam religion. How brainless people have become, or should I say the democratic party and the liberals have become. Obama has you right where he wants you. This country has reversed itself. It has taken us back to the days of hate and destruction of a certain people. This administration really believes it can take God and Christianity out of the picture, well let’s just wait to see what God has to say about it. You will all suffer the wrath of His anger. For me and my family, we will never deny our God Jesus Christ.

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