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America: A Country In Denial

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  1. One lit candle can be seen for a mile or crowd the darkness out of a room. We all have candles, now just to get them all going….We must, as individuals, acknowledge & accept the problem before we can corret it. I pray for the wisdom to shine my candle to light up others…in other words, like most things, it begins with each one of us.This is how the Tea Party garnered it’s power.

  2. Chris, I sooooo wish I didn’t agree. Now that I do…well, what to do about it?? Perhaps that’s part of the delay,…acknowledgment almost mandates action…& I really don’t know where to start. We need to continue efforts to REstore the Constitutional values purported by many groups. I’m thinking that actual awareness has to start with the individuals admitting there is a problem. Parents often are slow to admit fault in their own child while blaming the neighbors…& this might well apply to the country also.. So I’ll take a critical look at my own neighborhood’s flaws & ‘admit’ where I have contributed. I might get lucky & get others to join me. Given an opportunity when speaking I’ll work on including ‘something’ that turn on lights. I can’t find an excuse for our loss of standing…just lame excuses.

    • Jan I wish I didn’t have to write it, but facts are facts this country haS fallen. We should be following Singapore’s example, but Obama chooses to follow Greece.

  3. Chris you are so right, we need to do something to get this country back to greatness.