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The Climate of Fear & Powerlessness

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  1. Darn it, Kyle, I was just getting ready to park my brain train & indulge in the season’s frivolities when you came up with this piece of work…..Fear of the unknown is a pretty normal pattern among us humans that can either serve as an alarm or freeze us where we stand. Our senses of good & evil have been rocked & shocked by a quake that makes the one in San Francisco just a jolt. We have difficulty ‘seeing’ what is beneath all the rubble & devestation & we smell the ‘fear’ of what will be uncovered, smothering us. We are exposed & naked to all the elements & evils & anxiously seeking shelter. The ‘untouched’ reach out from the Ivory Towers & extend a hand. Not everyone knows when to let go & become dependent on their benefactor for life….they, to include most media, become the ‘entitled addicts’ & prove to be useful little troll-soldiers to those aspiring to a one world. As long as they have a daily fix of goodies, they remain faithful & incapable of thinking for themselves….The rest of us ‘choose’ not to be victims & cling to our defenses found in Our Constitution & ALL of its amendments (as written)We have the stubborness of an entire mule train & the means to protect them. “Dax” is right about the power of mind control. ‘Fear’ open the door for it to enter. It is our duty as ‘free men” to stand as an example in an equally compelling manner. We must engage the enemy in any way necessary & challange them at every turn. We must believe “truth will prevail” & ‘good triumphs evil”…

    I bet God sometimes wishes he hadn’t given us all that ‘free will’ to play with..

    Now go, enjoy your holiday. Dax, pass the apple pie.

  2. I certainlky agree with all written here. Things like “mom” and “apple pie” that we used to associated as traditionally American have become radical right wing extremism. We are allowing the MSM to dictate how we should live and breath. Obama is a product of this same MSM,aand look where that is getting us. This country is being flooded with unconstitutional laws and regulations forcing it to it’s knees. Hatred and separation runs rampant, while truth, honesty, and honor is looked down on by this traitorous group.

  3. It’s all part of the Big Brainwash…

    As Mind Control becomes more powerful over generations, it gradually replaces the Constitution as the true power source of government.